Mar 14, 2012

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The Celebrity Planet – Tours

The life of celebrities is very interesting, motivating and inspiring for common people. Contemporary artist, directors, actors, musicians always attract lots of attention. The Celebrity Planet offers “celebrity tours” in New York and London showing famous places in a totally different way. Traveling and sightseeing have become even more interesting.

“Sex and the City” is the famous TV show very popular amongst many generations of both male and female audience. When in New York, why won’t take a “Sex and the City walking tour”? The best part in this type of sightseeing is that other cultural sites can be seen apart from the ones related to the famous TV show. Walking tours are always incredible way to feel the exact vibration and spirit of the city. However, for people that do not fancy walking, there are also chauffeur driven tours, more stylish and luxurious. Also, when in New York, why not visit and see famous film locations. Memorable movies such as Taxi Driver, North by Northwest, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Godfather has all been primarily filmed in Big Apple. Visiting New York without experiencing some of this places is almost unacceptable. Not only tourists love this New York sightseeing tours, but the native citizens can also learn and see something they missed.

The Celebrity Planet, as mentioned above, offers London sightseeing tours, also. For the fantasy lovers, teenagers and kids “Harry Potter London tour” might be quite exciting. In fact, this tour is very popular because famous London places that was filmed in Harry Potter, as well as those sites that inspired the authors can be seen. While walking or enjoying chauffeur driven tour, many London attractions, apart from Harry Potter movies and books can be seen – Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tate modern etc. For some older tourists, The Beatles tours can be very attractive and for romantic couples or maybe honey moon travelers, “The Nothing Hill” celebrity tour can be the perfect choice.

Wandering around the unknown may be adventurous, but learning about some popular, fun and cultural places in a guided tour can give you much more satisfaction.