Nov 14, 2011

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Site Circus Review

Do you ever get bummed out when ever you miss your favorite TV Show or movie on TV? Or are you getting sick of putting up with television advertisements every 10 minutes ruining your vibe? Well let me tell you that there are better options available when it comes to watching TV Shows and Movies.

Over at SiteCircus we have taken the time to create a long list of free movie streaming sites that users can keep handy. How do these websites work you ask? Well, quite simply really. When a movie is released on DVD, somebody somewhere makes a RIP copy and uploads it the a third party website such as Free movie sites then link to this stream–this happens on a massive scale, and users are never without access to popular movies and TV Shows online.


Here are a couple of examples of some great Free Movie Sites


If you are wanting to watch a film that has just been released however, I am afraid that you are dead out of luck. Whilst streams of these films are available, they are of the poorest quality, as people will actually go into the cinemas with video recorders and record the films that way. I don’t know about you, but I would rather watch the movie and the cinemas myself, or wait for the DVD release, rather than watching such a poor quality copy.

Free TV streaming sites work in exactly the same way. Yet instead of ripping DVD’s, people will digitally record episodes from normal broadcast television. These sites are extremely popular indeed, and will often have massive followings on Facebook and Twitter.

An interesting fact about these sites is that the ones with suspect servers almost always crash when ever there is going to be a big release such as a season finale. As the websites pride themselves on being the first to release an episode after airing, you can always guarantee that the latest episodes will be up on the double, yet if too much traffic pours in, these sites will inevitably crash.

Here Are A Couple Of Great Free TV Streaming Sites
Another big issue when it comes to these sites is copyright infringement. Despite the fact that the websites themselves do not host any of the copyrighted content, by direct linking to it, some of them have landed in trouble–having their domains ceased. In extreme cases, such as with “” (Which was owned by a webmaster in the U.K), American authorities have sought to press criminal, and are currently trying to extradite the webmaster to face those charges in the United States.

Another more realistic option for large TV networks is to capitalize on the internet as another way of reaching audiences. We have seen TV and Movie streaming sites go down, but many more simply pop up in their place. (which is owned by several TV networks) has already taken this path. Hulu hosts streaming videos of popular Television Episodes and can be accessed by those people that have an American I.P address ( is predominantly supported by advertising, just like regular TV).