Jun 18, 2012

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Search for the World’s Best 100 Socialites

Night Out With a Socialite is seeking 100 Socialites in 1 Month in over 50 cities around the world.

The VIP Team at Night Out With a Socialite is preparing itself to Interview hundreds of International and Australian Socialites over the coming month to find the BEST 100 to kick start Night Out With a Socialite global presence.

The gig sounds rather cool; Socialites get paid by their clients to show them their cities best VIP Nightlife Experience.

VIP Nightlife Experiences with Local Socialite and celebrities in cities around the world are no longer just a dream.

What does it take to become a paid Socialite?

Rupert Bancroft at Night out With a Socialite, says Socialites have to know their cities VIP Nightlife scene. They have to know where to go and what to do on every night of the week. Many of our Socialites know the venue bouncers so they can skip the queue or know the managers so they can get their guests into the VIP area. Naturally, Rupert expects them to be bubbly, confident and know how to entertain people.

Being a local socialite does not mean you have to be in the media section of your national newspaper, but according to Rupert, becoming a paid socialite on Night Out With a Socialite might get you their sooner and will ensure you earn more than most Socialites pretending to be living the high life.

As a Socialite you get to create and run your VIP Nightlife Experience; you set the dates, meeting time, meeting location, experience description, what’s included, what’s not included and how much you want to charge for your night out. You can take a maximum of 6 people out per night.

If you are signing up to become a socialite it takes 3 simple steps; firstly register your interest on the website, secondly reply to their automatic email requesting more information about yourself and the VIP Nightlife experience you want to offer and lastly a quick Skype interview.

Surviving the interview, you get login details to setup your Nightlife experience and get paid to be Socialite. Socialites are handpicked to ensure they can offer a safe and fun night out in a new city for its growing membership base.

Register to Become a Socialite at http://www.nightoutwithasocialite.com/become-Socialite

Night Out With a Socialite has a global plan to have a local Socialite in every major city around the world, so hop on and register to be your cities Socialite. The VIP Team is looking for Socialites over the age of 27 and under the age of 50. Its not just about trendy bars, the VIP Team is hoping Socialites will create unique and diverse experiences to fall within anyone of their Nightlife Categories.

Night Out With a Socialite offers a range of VIP Nightlife Experiences with local Socialite in cities around the world. Soon it will launch the world first “Online Celebrity Auction” platform for people to bid on one-off-money-cannot-buy Celebrity Experiences.