Jun 13, 2012

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Boy Bands are Back in the Game

When you see teenagers wearing One Direction shirts or The Wanted jewelry and you look at the top charts and the best selling records and albums, if you are music fan you would become aware of something teenagers, especially teenage girls have known about for weeks and months. Boys bands are sexy and hot again and there is no doubt about it.

Not only that the mentioned British boy bands sell more than hundreds of thousands copies of their albums, but they have also generated mobs of swooning teenage girls wherever they play. One Direction members ages range from 17 to 20 and they sold more than 175,000 copies of the album called “Up All Night” in the first week of release. Another British boy band, The Wanted has slightly older members and their single “Glad You Came” has been amongst Top 10 hit singles on the American charts for weeks.

Music has always been cyclical. The New Kids On the Block had their time, Backstreet Boys- ‘NSync time has also passed and now boy bands are back in such a big and shiny way. However, the definition of boy bands seems to be different from what it was before. Neither The Wanted nor One Direction use some choreographed dance moves like these boy bands of a decade and more ago. While One Direction is more innocent and romantic, The Wanted are something like the anti-boy band. They party, drink, pick up girls at Ibiza clubs and bars and they are certainly not shy to speak about all the intimate encounters and partying they were into. So, every girl can find the boy or the boys of her choice in these boy bands and that makes them so popular. Even though their can be quite expensive to form because of all the requirements (songwriters, backup vocals, managers and even tutors), we expect more and more of them to appear in upcoming days.