Jun 19, 2012

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Be “Wide Awake” with Katy Perry

Even though it was expected to be released on June 19th, today it leaked!  KatyPerry in her brand new video for the “Wide Awake” single! Are you excited? If you are a fan of Katy Perry, you should not miss to see this hotly anticipated music video, because she looks incredibly stunning in so many scenes. “Wide Awake” video has been put together for Katy’s upcoming movie “Katy Perry: Part of Me”. Despite the rocky road and not so successful relationships she alludes to, Katy Perry controls her life and survives it and the video shows it.

The video contains different parts and shows that our lives are made of many inner journeys, fantasy and dreaming, mistreatment, childhood and us as we are. So, the message is quite clear and Katy Perry wants to tell us that it does not matter how careful and hard we try and live our lives, we have to learn some really tough lessons and we will get let down. However, strong and optimistic Katy shows us that from the dirt and the ashes we rise up even stronger, wiser, smarter and more compassionate. We are all both powerful and vulnerable and we have to accept this and to live out lives to the fullest. The symbolism most girls will relate to is the moment in the video when the prince Charming leans for a kiss while crossing his fingers behind back. Wiser and more rational, Katy Perry punches him!

It is amazing to watch lovely Katy Perry as she grows up as a woman and an artist. In the “Wide Awake” music video we see a more grown up and darker version of her. Enjoy this music video while waiting “Katy Perry: Part of Me” 3D movie that hits theaters on the 5th of July!