Feb 9, 2012

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Things to Know Before Buying a Flat Screen TV

Why should you purchase a flat screen? Flat screen televisions are not just the fashion or style, but they also provide you more in terms of space. Though a flat screen TV of 20” has the similar measurements of TV of curved screen normally found, the flat screen provides the illusion of stretched height and width. If this is the gadget of your dream of this year, these are some tips that you can use while choosing and purchasing a flat screen television.

The reason behind buying a flat screen is simply that it is a flat screen

High-end TV units like HDTVs, LCD TVs and Plasma TVs all come with a flat screen. But there are low priced CRT TVs as well that include a flat screen but do not have the similar features and capabilities as it is very expensive. Don’t just imagine because it is a flat screen, it is plasma or an LCD automatically.

Thin is very good.

They might be leaving out super thin models on the walkway but people certainly welcome flat-panel TVs and thin models in a good way. While purchasing a flat screen TV, look for something that is thinner than the older CRTs. There are brands like Sony, for instance, that sell flat screen TVs that are slimmer than normal. They may not be as thin as glossy LCD and plasmas but they will do great in your living room or any other place you like to put them in your house.

Flat thin screen TVs can also be moved easily and they don’t take up too much of space. You will be happy later when it is time to move the unit to some other better viewing place or in case if you move to a small apartment.

LCD or Plasma?

Depending on what you expect or want, LCD or Plasma either one of these flat screen TVs would be a great choice. Budget is another important factor that should be considered while buying a flat screen TV. Both Plasma and Flat screen are smooth and thin and lighter. The filmy experience is also improved with both the TVs.