Jan 9, 2012

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The Best Television Series

Many people like old television series. Many people usually like those which were made many years ago. The shown then were mostly family friendly, they had good moral stories, and you didn’t have to follow through the whole series to find out what is happening.

Shows today are totally different, the humor involved in it is different, and script is different. Even the work of camera is different. Everything has changed completely these days according to the likings of the people.

Some of the favorite TV series are as follows:

Mr. Ed: It is a story of an insane talking horse, isn’t it so great? I am sure many of you would run home to watch this series. It is a classic humor.

Hogan’s Heroes: probably this must have been the favorite of all. Though historically not accurate in various ways, the show is very funny. Schultz and Hogan are the favorite characters among all the TV series. Hogan is a funny guy who is good to everyone and Schultz is the bubbly child who only wants to have fun. The series includes two fantastic actors and a story that is written beautifully.

I Love Lucy: I guess everyone love Lucy. She is the most popular actress in television’s history. She helped come into light through the gender obstruction and help other women become lead heroines for future generations.

M*A*S*H*: Brilliant Hawkeye’s role is played by Alan Alda. His humor makes a fantastic character to follow and love. This is also an all time favorite TV series for many people.

The Andy Griffith Show: If you were grown up in a small city, you can relate to Mayberry easily. People are social and friendly, everyone knows each other, and the Sheriff knows it quickly if there is a new person in the town.