Apr 21, 2016

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Internet TV – The Latest Form of Infotainment

TV HACKEntertainment has taken a new step further because of the advancing technology. Gone are the days when antennas caught the broadcast waves and transmitted pictures and sounds to your TV, or cables connected directly to your TV or to a set-top box enabled you to watch the programs. Now, there is a new convenient way to watch TV – it’s digital TV or internet TV! Progress is inevitable, as firstly radio replaced newspaper, and then TV replaced radio. Now it’s the time of replacement of TV by internet TV.

In simple words, internet TV is audio and video transmitted over an internet connection. Also called IPTV or Internet Protocol Television, it allows you to watch TV on a computer screen, on a TV screen (via a set-top box) or even a mobile gadget like a phone or tablet.

The way of working of the internet TV is much the same as that of the traditional TV which bring you shows through an antenna or cables; but there is a difference that the content is sent over the internet as data. Another difference is you get much more variety on internet TV than on the traditional TV. Along with the regular shows you find on TV, you get many shows independently produced by websites and targeted towards specific interests of people. For example, if you want to watch a program on vegetarian or vegan cooking, you can find it more easily on internet TV than on traditional TV.

Many websites provide on-demand services; so, you need not track scheduling. For websites using real-time streaming video, there is an option of live broadcasting too. Some websites offer lists of live broadcast channels (normally grouped by countries) and you can click on one of them to see live broadcasting there. This is much like watching TV on computer and you can’t pause or back up or fast forward parts of the shows. On the other hand, on-demand videos are generally displayed like a playlist, categorized by title, channel or niche (sports, music, news etc) and you can choose what you want, whenever you want. E.g. on the official website of Comedy Central you can watch their program whenever you want and not on their scheduled timings.

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