Nov 17, 2015

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Are Cable and Satellite TV a Thing of the Past?

tv audienceMore and more people seem to ditch satellite or cable TV in favor of other options. In the past several years, many households began using high-speed Internet for streaming videos and watching television shows. But, does this mean cable and satellite TV are the thing of the past? 

At this moment, satellite and cable television companies are doing quite well, although this cord cutting trend is undoubtedly threatening their futures. People are finding the companies that provide affordable or even free video streaming allow them to watch TV shows they like without paying more for extra channels. Even though clients still need to have online access to watch Internet TV, just paying for the internet (plus a streaming account) is rather tempting for them. Another thing has made cord cutting possible – the abundance of wireless gadgets. Wireless service is so accessible and gadgets are so small and convenient to bring with, therefore people have become able to watch their favorite television shows or videos whenever and wherever they want.

But, cutting cable or satellite TV service has many disadvantages, too. For example, it’s illegal to stream online some shows or it’s very difficult to do that. Bigger streaming companies which stream TV shows legally typically require a subscription fee. Nevertheless, some movies are still hard to find, although the biggest companies offer a large selection of films as part of their streaming offer; some films it’s only possible to rent. Furthermore, for true sports fans, cutting cord is also not an option because online streaming companies usually don’t offer live shows and sporting events. For these reasons, some people are still (and will be) watching cable and satellite TV.

Bottom line, cable and satellite television are certainly not going to become a thing of the past, at least not when it comes to the immediate future. However, the availability of streaming videos and the recent increase in cord cutting do question the future of traditional television. Some changes will most certainly happen.