May 17, 2013

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Raaddrr Van Back as LODD MANAFESS DA ALBUM – for Real Hip Hop Fans

new_lodd_album (1)If you are a true hip hop fan, you should check out the artist RAADDRR VAN, because of his potentials and qualities that one good MC should possess. His great lyrical skill, pinpoint timing and delivery, nice flow together with an intelligent content make him worth listening to. His charismatic personality and trademark booming voice will enchant you. First, you’ll love sophisticated hardcore production and after that his explosive lyrics.

Two songs from his LODD MANAFESS DA ALBUM release, provide clear evidence of Raaddrr Van’s musical talent: “F**k Da Ndastrie” and “Daughters”. The first song is in a full battle rapping mode with razor sharp lyrics. The other song is a real life story documenting Raaddrr Van’s battle to win a custody over his two loving daugters. “Daughters” show how brave Van is to reveal so much of his intimacy.

We encourage you to check out Van’ latest release “Raaddrr Van back as LODD MANAFESS DA ALBUM” which should be released very very soon.

Check out Van’s mixtape:

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Enjoy listening!