Jul 1, 2013

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Linzi Stoppard & FUSE Rock Violinists

Linzi & BenThe belief that violins are meant for Vivaldi has been torn by FUSE; considered the most innovative string act for over a generation, Linzi and Ben have raised the bar yet again. FUSE contemporary ideas and step away from the rule are beyond reprimand…this is the most talked-about and highly praised string act of modern times, Linzi Stoppard Rock Violin!

FUSE is the most enthralling and sought-after electric violin act in the world which has left string quartets in awe. Linzi Stoppard as an electric violinist pushes the limits of musical convention with her zealous, live sets of rock, dance, chill and contemporary melodies. Linzi has been always challenging and inventive and has taken the audience to a trans with her passionate and mesmeric performances. Every live set she plays sees musical impacts everywhere full of life by way of electric strings and a bow which she moves like a magic wand.

With sounds that range from the chilled tracks (Enigma) to the pulsating rockier sound (Hendrix), her performance is a melody on its own, which is not downright classical!

Linzi Stoppard and session musician Ben Lee together formed FUSE, an electric-violin duo which created a revolution in the world of violin performances. FUSE creates a huge, warm stadium noise to such an extent that apart from drums, guitar and a few sounds of electronics, every sound is made by FUSE.

Sir Tom Stoppard, the famous playwright and father-in-law of Linzi, says about her that he never offers any counsel to Linzi about how to handle herself in public. Both her parents-in-law are huge fans of Linzi and generally don’t miss her any performance. Her husband Will too is in the fan group.

Linzi started playing violin at the fourth year of her age and is classically trained but created her own guitar-style sound with her silver customized Bridge electric violin, FUSE.