Nov 5, 2015

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Why Watching Movies is Better at Home

home theater designI’m happy to live in a time where people have a choice when it comes to the ways of consuming entertainment. Although I like seeing movies in the theatre, especially if I have the tickets for the opening night, I’m happy because I don’t have to do that when I’m just in the mood to stay home. Movie downloads, microwave popcorns and advanced technology have made home theaters more available and affordable for cinephiles like me.

To be honest, there are obviously arguments to be made for both sides. Issues of community, privacy, viewing experience, overall quality and the cost all come into play when you make the case for staying home versus going out. Even though consumers tend to abandon theaters, some people still prefer going old-school and buying a ticket. On the other hand, studios give a boost to the home entertainment market by fighting for shorter and shorter release windows.

With an HD presentation and the right set-up, not only are you able to recreate the cinematic experience at your home, but to exceed it. When you watch movies in the theater, you don’t have control over the equipment used to show the movie or the projection. Damaged prints, images out of focus, light leaks and speaker pops are just some of the technological flaws you can commonly experience when you go out to the theater. On the other hand, at your home, you are in control of everything! You can calibrate speakers and monitor to your home environment and personal preferences. Even if it may be a steep initial investment, once you make it, you’ll be set for movie marathons galore. If you own your favorite movie, you can watch it as many times as you like, completely free of charge.