Feb 14, 2016

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Why is US Netflix So Sought After in Canada?

opening a blockless account through USNetflix.caNetflix is by far the most popular service for streaming movies and TV shows. However, there is a difference when it comes to the number of movies and TV shows you can see when you watch American Netflix and Netflix in another country; you get less to see with Netflix in other country. www.usnetflix.ca has found a great solution to this in the form of a Blockless account with which you can watch US Netflix in Canada. But why in the first place US Netflix is so sought after in Canada.

Better Quality

Obviously Netflix Canada is not as great as US Netflix. This is a well-known fact which drives most Canadians to adopt some or the other legal solution to access the US Netflix. There is indeed a hell of a difference between the amount of content on Canadian Netflix and Netflix America. There are numerous programs on the US Netflix which Netflix Canada doesn’t have an access to.

Better Shows

American Netflix has far better movies and shows due to a simple, yet complex, reason – contracts! The company needs to make deals with the media organizations in order to get rights to their TV shows and movies. Sadly, they have a difficult time in getting the deals for the Netflix Canada since the media companies based in Canada are securing the rights.

Some Shows are Exclusive to Canadian Netflix

American Netflix scores over its Canadian counterpart in the form of TV shows such as 30 Rock, Parks & Recreation, South Park, and even Sons Of Anarchy, the phenomenal TV show. However, in terms of movies, the difference is a bit less pathetic, as some movies like Homeland and Dexter and Community early seasons are available in Canada and not in the US. Even, Canadian shows like Degrassi High and Being-Erica, are exclusively on Canadian Netflix.

Why to Go For the US Netflix?

When it comes to movies, most Canadian-exclusive titles are short-lived, like Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter, Catfish and Children of Men, Battle: Los-Angeles and 127 Hours. And though some classics like Cruel Intentions and Boyz-N-The-Hood are exclusive to Netflix Canada, Netflix America has got much more content in the form of 10,000 movies, while Canadian Netflix has only 4,000 titles.

Therefore a lot of Canadians prefer to access American Netflix and an excellent way to do that is opening a Blockless account through USNetflix.ca. This will give you a complete guidance on having American Netflix in Canada. So, enjoy US Netflix while being in Canada in an easy way!

opening a blockless account through USNetflix.ca