Oct 20, 2015

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What it Takes to Become an Actor / Actress

actingIf you’ve considered moving to Los Angeles for Movie Industry in order to succeed as a professional actor or actress, you should know what it takes to become an aspiring performer. Although everyone will tell you something different, there are some universal talents and personal traits you should have and develop for making your dreams come true.

Having a good ear is a must, maybe even the most important thing. What do I mean by that? In order to make a sentence someone else has written sound real, you need to be able to hear what people sound like when they talk naturally and spontaneously. Having a good ear will make you realize when something you say sounds too “actory” and you’ll know what line should be said in a different, more natural way.

When someone says that being an actor means having the ability to read, it doesn’t mean that everyone who can read can become an actor. Instead, it means you are able to see implications when you read certain texts and books, to imagine what a character looks like, based on the evidences from the content you’re reading. Becoming dedicated to reading the phrases, words, paragraphs and looking for the gold that’s in there is essential if you want to become a successful actor. Advanced courses in literature can teach you about people’s reactions and feelings, but you’ll also learn how to read the undercurrents of what is not actually written. Read poetry to develop your sense of language and rhythm.

Finally, you have to be able to handle rejection, since rejection, depression and insecurity reign in the acting profession. You won’t get up every morning and go to a secure job. Learn to deal with it!