Feb 21, 2018

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Top 4 Superhero Movie Posters You Must have in Your Collection

Superman superhero movie posterThere has been a great similarity in all the Superhero movie posters for a long time, launched by DC, Marvel and other studios, followed by directives to make sure no one is insulted and all are lured to spend a lot on the latest blockbuster. However, not all superhero movie posters suck. And lately certain filmmakers have enjoyed a lot while creating unique optional posters that might not make their way to multiplexes, but definitely have made a place in the collectors’ hearts.

What makes a Superhero movie poster stand out? Amazing images, cool colors and a unique artistic approach definitely help. Here are a few top Superhero movie posters.

1. Batman V Superman

This poster has taken a different direction from what Marvel has come with over the last couple of years. Among the two versions, Batman’s poster is a bit cooler than The Man of Steel. In this poster, you can see Ben Affleck’s face as the Batman.

Batman V Superman superhero movie poster

2. The Amazing Spider-Man

Though not very well received by the fans like Sam Raimi’s trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man got a better poster campaign. While most of the original Spider-Man’s one-sheets series were quite ordinary and hadn’t anything more than a close-up of Spidey himself, it was changed in this cool teaser poster. By providing some cool iconography of the shadow of a spider, it teased the story that fans didn’t know. Other movies have tried to use the same strategy, but didn’t achieve such a great effect. Unfortunately, this restarted franchise was annulled even before the full story could be known that the poster promised.


3. Batman

Superman and Batman had a huge gap between them with the former was of 1978 while the latter was of 1989. Even in between these two there were not many superhero movies. Therefore when this poster came up at the local Cineplex, every collector’s heart pounded. It’s simple and beautiful and tells the full story in one simple image.

Batman superhero movie poster on a snap back cap

4. Iron Man 3

In the series of almost similar Marvel movie posters, it’s nice to see something that deviates from the sameness. This art is discernible as it prefigures Tony Stark’s descent as a superhero and notes his fall from grace, the theme of the movie. This is one of the most beautiful posters released by Marvel so far.

These are some of the best Superhero movie posters and you must have them in your collection. Get them and enrich your collection.