Jul 13, 2018

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Top 3 Funny Short Films You Should Never Miss!

The Translator funny short filmEven though they’re more often than not overlooked by the media, funny short films are of vast importance. Nowadays people have short attention spans and are accustomed to living in the now, experiencing it as fast as possible. If you had a bad day or you just found out that you can have the rest of the day off, a funny short movie can change your day for the better. A few minutes of a well-written and directed movie filled with witty lines can go a long way. Still, there are some questions to be answered. Where to start, which movie to watch and what to expect? Fret no more! Here’s a short guide on the 3 best funny short movies that you can watch by yourself or laugh it out loud with your friends and family!


1) Lie Detector

Lie Detectors are always amusing, as you may have noticed yourself. In this story, a future employee needs to take a lie detector test in order to get the job. This routine interview takes our expectations and throws them away! The movie written by Dane Hanson and Mike Heim and directed by Paul Emerson is packed with a type of quick, witty humor, with perfect performances by Danny Gutierrez, Mike Heim and Dane Hanson. Give it a shot; it’s certainly a must-watch! "Lie

2) Is This Free?

It’s amazing how a simple question can spark a series of reactions if treated in an unexpected way, especially in funny short films. The trick is to recognize the monotony that overtakes both our actions and reactions and fight it, just the way Luka (actor Jack Hawkins), the main character of this film, does. You’ll experience different types of humour packed within just a few minutes, and the result is unexpected, thanks to the story by Lauris Beinerts and Adele Kirby and direction by Lauris Beinerts!

Is This Free? funny short film

3) The Translator

The protagonist of this movie is asked to help out a friend as a translator, as he is in love with a French girl. However, the translator in question is in love with her friend and she tries to do everything she can in order to pull the two apart, which is not that hard because they don’t even speak the same language. Our translator gets to change the meaning to her liking, and the outcome is a short movie which will make you chuckle and relax! Written and directed by Graham Burrell and starring Malerie Razzis, Tyler Haney and Liz Syslo, this film is worth watching.

The Translator funny short film

Take some time to unwind and change your day for the better. You have nothing to lose, only enjoy yourself. But be advised, once you start watching them, it may become impossible to stop. They are addictive although they are short!