Jan 17, 2018

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THE BANG BANG BROKERS – You Can’t Afford to Miss

FEATURE FILM, THE BANG BANG BROKERSTHE BANG BANG BROKERS is the story of two rival gangs, one Latino and one black, that collaborate with a mentally sick stockbroker and make use of street moves to control the stock market. The high octane action comedy by David N. Donihue is full of bravery, bullets and billions and an ever-increasing excitement of underdogs taking over the system and following those who play them against one another all through.

With its main focus on the aftermath of the Financial Crisis of 2009, the feature film THE BANG BANG BROKERS narrates the story of a hedge fund manager (created from a combination of real life traders), Rolley Eastman (played by Donihue) who earned a great wealth with the prediction of the subprime fallout. His guilty conscience and eventual suicidal instincts take him to an opportunity of meeting a Latino Gang, led by a small time marijuana dealer Ramon (played by Erik Michael Estrada).

Rolley asks Ramon to kill him. But Ramon wants in exchange that Rolley would rob a rival Black Gang, earning Ramon as well as Rolley huge money. After Rolley robs the Black Gang, he realizes that both of them are now having a huge sum, and makes a plan to reinvest the money thus earned and decides to involve Ramon in the plan. They employ not only Ramon’s own friends, but even the rival group, in a chain of street moves developed to influence the Stock Market.

The plan leaves the business world taken aback and no one can understand what is happening, especially when rival groups are involved.

However, started as a simple plan of identity theft and insider trading, the deal takes the form of a full-fledged war against Wall Street, where the new industrialists from the hood undertake the old geniuses who run the world.

However, before this continues till long, the motley gang realizes that they are about to become just as insane as the sinister and oppressive forces from whom they want to seize power. What follow are the Bravery, Bonds and Bullets.

Donihue and Estrada make use of the wild but weirdly believable circumstances to tear through stereotypes and offer the audience a smart but unpredictable experience through topics of politics, economy and race in America.

The collaboration between Ramon and Rolley progresses all through the movie and while Ramon learns about the world of business, Rolley Eastman goes on learning more about himself and his sentiments. We too learn more about his background and it becomes clear to us that Eastman has some problems earlier and we see that Ramon supports him while he tries to pull himself together.

All in all, the story of the movie is very touching. We see how young Roman with his friends makes a journey from being a drug dealer to gaining knowledge about the business world and economy. It seems that they get a chance to do the job and prove themselves to the world. This may create a chaos among more experienced bankers. However, on the other hand, it shows us where there is and is not a backing for youngsters from underprivileged backgrounds as they try hard to improve themselves.

Even Rolley made a few assumptions to start with and as he makes friend with the gang members, he supports them to get a better life for themselves and their families.

All things considered, THE BANG BANG BROKERS is a movie that most people will enjoy and can relate to in some or the other way. Everyone makes some assumptions about other people and confronts with a surprise when something exactly opposite happens. This has been effectively shown in the film and characters are portrayed excellently. It’s a good experience to know them, care about them and then see them growing and succeeding in life.


About David N. Donihue

David N. Donihue came up in the late nineties as an underground playwright as well as director of note in Seattle with some avant-garde works like Justify My Existence and Hey Baby Do You Wanna Come Back To My Place. He wrote and produced the internationally admired Parzania in 2005 which got nominations for the eastern hemispheres Oscars, and the film fare award for the Best Picture, Best Story and Best Screenplay. Leads Nasiruddin Shah and Sarika got the nominations for the Best Actors.

His other outstanding works include the 2010 The Weathered Underground starring Heroes’ Brea Grant. He produced and directed THE BANG BANG BROKERS in 2014 which is now headed for distribution.

Donihue has also directed more than 30 music videos in the last couple of years for EDM acts like Mark Sixma, Moguai, Thomas Gold and John Dahlback.

Directed by such a talented and celebrated director as Donihue, THE BANG BANG BROKERS is worth watching. So, don’t miss it!