Oct 31, 2020

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Thanatos (2020) – A Story of Two People Falling in Love Despite the Scars Received from Life

Thanatos (2020)

Being depressed can be horrible. A depressed individual is not in a position to understand what he or she should do. In such a scenario, the only way to get rid of the depression is to talk to someone. And when such a depressed person feels relieved because of talking to someone, it’s easy for her or him to feel like being always with that someone; it’s easy to fall in love with that someone! It’s a difficult situation for the person who talks to the depressed person as s/he feels sympathetic for the depressed fellow, but may not be in love with her/him.

The upcoming movie Thanatos (2020) has effectively depicted this same situation and makes the viewers think upon what one should do in such a situation.

Thanatos is the story of Aaron and Jess. Aaron (Andrew C. Fisher) is a depressed man who fortunately meets Jess (Cacia Zoo). Jess is a dominatrix, but Aaron is neither experienced with domination nor with S&M. He only knows or rather feels that he should be punished. Aaron develops feelings for Jess right from the beginning.

However, Jess already has a boyfriend and therefore she has set clear boundaries that she couldn’t get involved in any relationship or feelings with Aaron. However, Aaron being sympathized by her, falls in love with her. And of course, as he wants to be punished, he’s ready to build a relationship with her as her love partner and receive the pain/punishment.

Jess’s boyfriend on the other hand is tired of getting his balls smacked and hence, is happy that Jess would be getting a sub, so that he would be spared. As it is, he’s not a great lover. He takes Jess for granted and he’s neither a great listener.

As the movie progresses, Jess too falls in love with Aaron.

Thanatos is about two people who fall in love despite the scars life has given them. It also depicts how a broken man can finally express love. It’s a message to those who have gone into depression that they too can get love and life back, and can come out of depression, without getting punished.

Andrew C. Fisher has portrayed the character of Aaron beautifully with all shades of a depressed man’s life.

Cacia Zoo who is a model and performing artist with a huge Instagram following has portrayed the character of Jess powerfully.

Cordelaine Kline has given an example of great cinematography in Thanatos.

All in all, the film is worth watching and passionate movie-lovers can’t afford to miss it.