Oct 27, 2019

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Main Reasons to Watch Anime

Without any doubt, anime is among the most popular forms of animation around the globe. While some people adore this genre, others find it aweful. If, for some reason, they are simply not your cup of tea, you might wonder what makes people like anime so much. I’ve asked a few anime-loving friends to share their opinion and give me their reasons for watching this genre. Here are the main pro-anime grounds I’ve compiled.

Awesome Artwork

It takes talent and hard work to create an anime. With so many detailed characters, spirited background visuals and violent battle scenes, anime creators have undoubtedly their hands full. Anime isn’t just one art style; for instance, every character is drawn uniquely. You can check that out yourself online at GoGoAnime.

With anime, even the sky isn’t the limit. Since the scenes aren’t restricted to real situations and people, anything can happen. Nevertheless, no matter what creators imagine, everything has to look awesome at the end. That’s why anime inspires people around the globe to start drawing themselves.

Ingenious Storytelling

In anime, most themes are extremely deep; they are revolving around morality, acceptance and death. Anime movies aren’t cartoons, although many people associate any animation movie with kids. Here, characters die, some scenes are brutal and disturbing. In anime, you can expect everything: action, drama, thriller, horror, comedy. Characters might be imaginary, but the audience can experience real emotions.

Breathtaking Music

Anime creators pay much attention to the music. It makes sad scenes even more heartbreaking, while background music during love scenes can make everything even more passionate and romantic.

Bottom Line

Not everyone is into anime. Sometimes people have a bad experience with several types of anime and they simply judge the genre based on them. Also, it is rather difficult to break down all the misconceptions regarding anime. For instance, most people STILL think these movies are only for kids, while others assume they are exclusively pornographic. Nevertheless, visuals, music and the fact that anime is extremely relatable and emotional make this genre loved and appreciated by many people worldwide.

So, if you haven’t really given anime a chance, it’s high time you do it. But, take care! It’s very likely you’ll become anime fan too!