May 3, 2015

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Just a Prank, Nothing to Get a Heart Attack!

jack jones slappedCan you make a living with your prankster quirk right from when you are a student? Yes, you can, proves Jack Jones who is like an inheritor of Dapper Laugh’s crown. He is being an extreme asshole to people in streets, shooting childish pranks on his mobile and posting them on Facebook. His all-time favorite jokes include asking strangers if they want to see his balls or asking for a kiss or asking for assignment deadline extension help!

He is just 21, irritating pedestrians for a living and can you believe that he has an enormous following?

Jack calls himself an Actor/Director and is a grown-up edition of a playground headcase. Watch his latest video wherein he is pestering unfortunate commuters and shoppers by asking for help to get extension for his assignment deadline.

Occasionally his pranks result in hurting him, which is the fun part in watching his prank films! For example, in this video, he was slapped, upon which he himself too is quite happy! And you too enjoy that!

Just like Dapper Laughs in his phase of Clapham estate agent, videos of Jack Jones too are targeting mostly the passengers waiting at train stations.

So, beware of him now! Maybe sometimes waiting for a bus or train, you will be approached by Jack Jones asking you to smell his fingers, kiss him or see his balls! Remember that it’s a prank and nothing serious to give you a heart attack. You can slap him though; it will just increase his likes and following, anyway!