May 20, 2022

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Hottest Outdoor Cinema Trends You can’t Afford to Miss

hottest outdoor cinema

Cinema has been an evergreen entertainment for majority of public, regardless of age, sex and nationality. With time, its ways of viewing kept changing. First it was enjoyed in the confinement of a theater. Today people have started viewing movies on their mobile devices anywhere they want. But still another new trend is becoming popular – it’s outdoor cinema!

Outdoor cinema takes the entertainment to the next level by breaking the boundaries of theaters. It’s a perfect way to celebrate a party with a group of family or friends in a unique kind of environment of open air. If you wish to take pleasure in outdoor cinema, you have a range of choices. You can experience each one and choose the one that suits you the best. Here are a few.

Rooftop Movie Viewing

The hottest outdoor cinema trend today is rooftop movie viewing. You can just imagine what you can get with this al fresco movie experience – you get fabulous city views which adds a new dimension to your enjoyment of the movie. Since they open doors for you much before the movie starts, you can enjoy all the fun elements of the cinema during the golden hour which falls between sunset and dusk. The movie starts after the sunset; this is the time when stars start twinkling up in the skies and city lights start shining down. This is perhaps the most charming part of this outdoor cinema. Plus, they offer you awesome food and drink, personal headphones, and deckchairs to sit comfortably and cozy blankets to keep you warm! Moreover, you can view some of the best movies you longed for watching. Isn’t the idea great?


Another hottest outdoor cinema trend is drive-ins. However, you don’t get exactly open air here. Instead of being confined in a theatre, you are confined to your car, although this too is a perfect way to enjoy movies in an outdoor environment in the company of your beloved people.

Although in the drive-in mode, the same equipment is used to screen the film as that of usual cinema, the difference lies in the sound broadcasting which is done on FM so that every viewer can receive the movie’s soundtrack on their car radio, phone or most MP3 players having the FM radio. While rooftop cinema is the best in warm summer months, drive-ins are best in cooler months.

Backyard Movies

Next hottest outdoor cinema trend is of backyard movies which can let you enjoy an outdoor movie event right at the comfort of your own backyard.

So, which of these open-air movie experiences you’re going to choose for your next get-together?