Oct 27, 2016

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HopperGo – Get the Latest Movies and TV Shows Even Without the Internet

dish commercial free hopper hd dvr equipment tvJust imagine bringing all your favorite Movies, TV Shows and TV entertainment with you anywhere and everywhere. Now imagine bringing everything with you without the need of an internet connection! That’s where the HopperGo comes in; the HopperGo is your one and only portable DVR player. Use the HopperGo to stream all your TV content directly to your mobile device.

All the content available on your DRV (Hopper3) can now be taken with you on the go, without connecting to the internet. That’s right you can take anything that is stored on your Hopper3, Hopper with SlingTV or Hopper2, with you on the go with the HopperGo.

There is no need to connect to the internet, which means you can watch all your favorite TV shows and Movies on a plane, train, or in a car or at the park. This is possible because HopperGo creates its own WiFi network, allowing you to connect your mobile device to it. Once you’re connected you can start streaming. The streaming viewing experience is identical to watching your favorite shows on your DVR player.

Loading up all your content to the HopperGo portable DRV is extremely easy. Transferring takes place via the Dish Anywhere app. Just connect the HopperGo to your Hopper 3 via the included USB cord. Once you’ve done that within the Dish Anywhere app just pick and choose what content you want to take with you.

The HopperGo is a very portable and useful device, with the ability to watch all your favorite movies and TV shows on the go without connecting to the internet or using your mobile data.

Long car ride with the kids just got a lot better. Just imagine loading up the HopperGo with all your favorite movies and TV shows with over 100 hours of content. Commuting to work? Bring the HopperGo with you, even when you’re underground on a subway you can still catch up on you favorite TV shows without connecting to the internet.

Even while you travel, waiting at the airport or even during flight. No more will you have to worry about using your own data or paying for Wi-Fi. With the HopperGo you have over 100 hours of TV shows and content to choose from.

With the Built-In battery you have over 4 hours of uninterrupted watch time, or charge while you watch via the USB port. Up to 5 mobile devices can connect at the same time, so no one is left out.

The HopperGo is only 2.6 inches wide by .7 inch thick, which makes this device perfect for carrying with you in a pocket, purse or a book bag. While there are similar products out there, the price of $99 makes the HopperGo a very attractive device. If you’re a subscriber to DISH Network and you find yourself in a scenario of wanting to watch TV content on the go, the HopperGo is a great option.

Are you excited about the HopperGo? What TV show would you want to bring with you? Let us know in the comments!