Nov 24, 2015

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Great Tips for shooting a video in Toronto

great tips for shooting a video in TorontoToronto is the capital city of Ontario, Canada. It is often said that it is the hot bed for production. The place is quite film-friendly, the evidence: over 70 film festivals every year. Also, it happens to be fourth most liveable city in all of the world and is the greenest one in Canada. There is a list of famous films being shot here like Good Will Hunting, Mean Girls and A Christmas Story. They were shot either all of it or some parts of it in Toronto. Before you get tempted and head out to this amazing location, let us guide you the perfection of shooting in a thrilling city like Toronto:

  1. Toronto is one of the very few places that does not require you to have permits if you are very small film crew shooting b-roll. However, if you are on to video production for a feature film, say, in an office tower, then you are to ask the property manager and security alongside for you will be having your truck with lighting and generators and all the heavy equipment in place.
  2. Since it falls in the category of major cities, traffic can be really bad in here like the rest. The rush hour is like a never-ending run here. You need to be sure to leave for the desired location well before the time and eventually park and get the shot that you need. Now you can’t just sit in traffic while you miss a good shot now can you? It is best to be realistic about covering the number of locations on your list of shooting.
  3. With the traffic being the top-most concern, a great idea is to get into a taxi, which are plentiful here by the way, and shoot b-roll while you are traveling. There is also a ferry ride to the Toronto Islands which can get you a great b-roll shot with waterfront and mesmerizing skyline shots.
  4. Another option to stay away from the traffic madness is to book your hotel close to the locations you are shooting at so that you don’t actually have to worry about the traffic while you are on your way to the actual location.
  5. There are many skyscrapers in here so a ferry ride can get you the perfect shot for the Toronto skyline. The foot of Bathurst Street is also perfect for a good b-roll shot if you are interested as it can get you some very good shots of the city alongside the dinner boats and yachts. Also, Castle Loma is an excellent place to get some awe-inspiring shots of the old architecture in place and captivating gardens alongside the historic references in the city.
  6. People here in Toronto are a great help if you are looking forward to road interviews, they can just step in for help and chat with you if you want. However, the opposite can happen at Bay Street due to it being full of people who are in a rush always. You can find much of younger crowd in Queen Street West for b-roll as well as the street interviews if need be.
  7. Security here can be very tight so informing them about the arrival should be on your schedule prior to anything when entering a building. Otherwise you just have to wait there while the client notifies it for you with a lot of wasted time. Do not rely on a one-man band for loading and unloading as it will waste a lot of time, make it two and they can work just fine even if you have to park off-site.
  8. To get further information regarding studio and warehouse lists, media lists, production stats, or anything in the domain, the Ontario Film Commission can guide you as they are promoters of green shooting. They are also offering tax incentives which can greatly save on time and cost both.
  9. If you ever fall short of indoor studio or anything, remind yourself of the 1.1 million square feet of studio space here in Toronto. Step in and utilize it anytime you need!
  10. There may be any potential overlaps on the way as Toronto is labeled the Hollywood of the North. Get in touch with video production Edmonton to find out about the productions taking place and save time for any overlapping.

Toronto is full of scenic beauty, architectural spots and is surely perfect city to shoot at great ease. The permits are not that great of a burdensome issue as you have to face in other cities but the traffic can be the only matter that consumes a lot of time. If you can manage that with our guidelines, you are going to do just fine and love shooting here at Toronto!