Aug 30, 2016

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Gift Ideas for Movie Buffs

star warsDo you have a movie/TV shows lover on your gift list? If your significant other, dad, sister or a co-worker is a true film buff, when buying them a gift you should consider their deep interest in film/TV shows, too. Of course, you could take them to the movie and buy them popcorn, but who wants a present that lasts approximately 2 hours? Also, I’m sure a Star Wars fan would appreciate a reindeer sweater he gets for Christmas, but a fun T-shirt related to his favorite franchise would make him much happier! So, here are my tips on buying gifts for those whose religion are movies and/or series!

Let Film Reel Inspire You!

Are you looking for a gift for someone who’s really into movie-making or someone who spends their free time going to nearby film festivals only to see what’s new in the movie industry? So, we’re not talking about people who like one or two movie directors or simply watch the most popular TV show at the moment, but about true cinema lovers! Perhaps a friend of yours is interested in becoming a director themselves? In that case, let the film reel inspire you and choose one of many film reel gifts available. My top picks are film reel necklaces or bracelets for women and film reel cuff-links for men. Also, consider buying a real vintage film reel; it can work as a home decor item and every film buff would like having it!

T-Shirts (with Movie Quotes/Jokes)

I killed JoffreyTees with movie quotes or jokes are always welcome by film buffs! Still, a person buying a gift has to be a movie buff themselves, since they have to understand the joke/quote in the first place! If, however, you haven’t watched the Star Wars but the person you’re buying a gift is crazy about it, opt for a regular Star Wars inspired T-shirt, but make sure they already don’t possess the same item! Also, try not to focus only on T-shirts, but take a look at hoodies, long sleeves and similar clothing items, too. Check out for lovely T-shirts (and more) inspired by some of the best movies and TV shows!

Home Decor Items

direwolfWhen I’m not sure about someone’s clothing size, I opt for home decor gifts. And, since we’re talking about movie lovers here, there are so many movie themed home decor items which you can buy! A movie/TV series related posters or pillows are always a nice option, as well as wall stickers. In addition, these products are personal, yet affordable, which shouldn’t be underestimated when you’re looking for a budget-friendly presents. Check out fatowltees posters, pillows and stickers!

Mini Movie Projectors

Want to enable your loved ones to have a movie showing anywhere they go? A small, portable movie projector is a perfect gift for those who are both cinephiles and travelers/adventurers. Keep in mind, though, that high quality movie projectors can be quite expensive so buy it only if you’re sure the person who’ll get it will use it.

Popcorn Maker

A movie buff who’s serious about movies is probably serious about movie snacks, too. A popcorn maker with a melting pot (for chocolate, caramel, butter, cheese etc) is great for movie marathons and parties and an incredible gift option, too.

I hope these ideas will at least inspire you, because every movie lover, including yourself, deserves a nice, well thought-out gift!