Apr 12, 2016

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Difference between Netflix Canada and Netflix USA

netflix us and canadaNetflix offers a wonderful service called DVD by mail which is a rental service through which paid members of Netflix can get access to a huge database of DVDs which they can add to their digital waiting list and as soon as they are available, they are shipped to them. After you finish watching that movie, you can pack it in a prepaid envelope which is provided and send it back and get the next title in your list whenever it’s available. There are costlier plans too through which you can get more than 1 title at a time.

Netflix has also started providing Blu Ray discs 2 years back through this DVD-rental scheme. For those movie fans who own HDTVs and play Blu Ray and can’t afford the high priced Blu Ray movies, this scheme is extremely beneficial. However, activating Blu Ray on their Netflix account costs them an additional 2 dollars.

Watch Instantly Service

Netflix USA has another service called Watch Instantly which started in 2011. Through this service, Netflix members can browse through the library that contains thousands of movies and TV shows which can be streamed instantly to the computer. This service can be used on many other devices including Blu Ray players, game consoles, digital video players, HDTVs and also Apple’s portable devices.

Netflix USA Vs Netflix Canada

The bitter fact that Netflix Canada is not as good as Netflix USA has made most Canadians take legal help regarding how to switch to American Netflix. The difference in the amounts of content between Netflix US and Netflix Canada is undeniable, despite the fact that fees are same. Canadian Netflix has no access to many TV shows and movie titles.

The reason of this difference is simple and complicated at the same time. Netflix has to make deals with the large media companies to own the rights to their TV programs and movies. Sadly, it’s much harder to get the deals for the Canadian Netflix because the large media companies are securing the rights.

Netflix is currently trying to pressurize the traditional licensing models to produce its own original content and launch it just in a way the web wants it. This is for all and everywhere. Netflix is trying to get many such originals. Most TV show makers have been willing to accept to the new digital model than film studios, 1 of the reasons being that the TV now contributes to 70% of viewership on Netflix.

Visit USNetflix.ca to get an easy access to US Netflix in Canada. And you can watch Netflix of any country through this system. It’s simple to do and you will get an access to as many as 8000 new programs on your account of Canadian Netflix.