Nov 15, 2017

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3 Great Tips to Make the Most of YouTube

YouTube playlist to mp3YouTube is world’s third most popular website after Google and Facebook. It receives millions of subscriptions daily and more than 800 million unique users visit it every month. During this timespan, videos of around 4 billion hours are watched and 72 hours of videos are uploaded each single minute. YouTube is available in 60 languages and localized in 43 countries. Here are some of the best features of YouTube you may not know but can let you make the most of the video sharing platform.

1. Play Video in Slow Motion

You may not know but will be glad to hear that YouTube videos can be played in slow motion. You just have to hold down the space bar and that’s it – the video will play in slow motion!

If that is not enough for you, sign up for the HTML 5 Video Player of YouTube and that will enable you slow down or speed up the video from the settings gear.

2. Download YouTube Playlists

You can now download your favorite YouTube playlists to MP3 or MP4 with a free YouTube playlist downloader by DVDVideoSoft so that you don’t have to do the tedious task of copying and pasting links from the browser. It’s easy to do and then you can enjoy your favorite videos even offline.

3. Link to a Particular Playback Point

Often while clicking a link to a YouTube video, you are fast-forwarded to a particular point in the video. This usually happens when the person that linked to the video wanted the viewer to watch that clip without having to watch the remaining part of the video. You too can do this. Just add #t= at the end of the video URL, followed by the minute you want with an ‘m’ and then the second with an ‘s’. You can even just pause the video at the point where you want, right-click on the video and select copy video URL at current time.

All in all, you can have maximum enjoyment from YouTube with these tips. So, use them and make the most of your video watching and sharing experience.