Mar 29, 2018

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3 Fantastic Movies You Should Watch

putlockersWatching movies with family and even alone is a great fun. Here are three movies from various genres that you will enjoy watching.

1. Angelina Ballerina: Twirling Tales

Directed by Davis Doi, Angelina Ballerina: Twirling Tales is a great movie for art-loving preschoolers. Five tales are told to mouselings, Angelina and friends from which they learn a lot about dance and music, i.e. everything from dance to how to show appreciations. Each of these stories presents a concept learned in a classroom that help the friends to solve problems in real life, with a focus on respect, creativity, practice, commitment and appreciation. For example, from the story “Angelina’s Dance Like a Cake Day” she learns where creativity originates and in “Angelina’s Noisy Messy Lunchtime”, the friends learn to become a good audience. In “Angelina and the Musical Plant” they learn how to keep commitment, care for something and balance many choices at once. In “Angelina and Her Parents’ Dance Lessons” they discover that practice makes everyone, including parents, perfect, whereas in “Angelina’s Mother’s Day” Angelina forgets the special day but understands that it’s an even better opportunity for a surprise.

All in all, there is a lot to learn about music and dance that most kids may not learn at preschool. They also teach valuable lessons about friendship and living in a large group. Watch this fantastic movie on putlockers.

Angelina Ballerina: Twirling Tales

2. Two Raging Grannies

Director Havard Bustnes’ Two Raging Grannies puts itself as a documentary figuring out the concept of national economic growth seen through the perception of two senior Seattle-based ladies, Shirley Morrison and Hinda Kipnis. These two ladies try to search for answers to their queries on economic growth and whether it’s essential and good for the very first time. Blundering through phone books and internet searches, these two truth finders try to converse with anyone ready to help them understand the complicated nature of the GDP, economy and growth of business. Actually, they are well-known activists in Seattle hailing from an activist group “Raging Grannies” but this fact isn’t revealed by the film, but it’s opened to viewers by the Google searches of Shirley Morrison’s interviews on Raging Granny.

While the grannies are adorable and a glimpse of their private lives is touching enough, the movie lacks the ability to focus on a single question, whether it’s economy, climate change or population growth and as a result the film can look a bit too neat in its conclusions.

Two Raging Grannies

3. House of Dust

House of Dust directed by A.D. Calvo is a 2013 supernatural thriller focused on a group of college students that is possessed by ghosts of mental patients. The story starts in 1951 when a psychiatrist (Stephen Spinella) kills OCD patient Billy Brown (Michael Goodin) and experiments on sociopath Levius Laitura (John Lee Ames) and simple-minded inmate Melvin Veman (Peyton Clarkson). With Levius still alive the psychiatrist tells his orderlies to burn the bodies of all three men in the crematorium.

Later a Camden college student Dylan (Eddie Hassell) tells his roommate Kolt (Steven Grayhm) and girlfriend Gabby (Holland Roden) about the history of the now-abandoned haunted asylum. During the exploration of crematorium, three of the students inhale the ashes of the three men burned in 1951. One of the girls in the group who is a recovering psycho patient, starts having haunting experiences after returning to the dorm. The behavior of the three students slowly changes as the spirits of the three burned men possess them. If you love ghosts and the sense of fear they bring, this film is for you with the fear factor.

House of Dust

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