Sep 13, 2022

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1Up – A Great Movie for eSports Lovers


If you’re a fan of movies as well as e-sports alike, which movie you’d like to watch? It’d be perhaps a film based on e-sports! Fortunately, in 2022, such a film named 1Up has been released and it has strong actors and a strong story.


1Up is a story about an e-sports fan female who intends to create her own identity in the male-dominated world of gaming and succeeds. Vivian (popular as “V” among her friends) Lee (starring Paris Berelac) is a competitive video gamer. She is so skilled in gaming that she’s been conferred upon an esports gaming scholarship to her local college and a place on the Betas, a male-dominated team in Barrett University.

However, the Beta’s captain, Dustin (starring Taylor Zakhar Perez) warns V that she can never play the role of a starting player.

V gets the support of her best friend Sloane (starring Hari Nef) and coach Parker (starring Ruby Rose) and forms a strong all-girl team with 1 disabled, 1 trans, 1 fat and 1 POC gamer. All the girls come together under the mission of levelling up to the nationals, winning for V to keep her scholarship and taking down the Betas.

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Kyle Newman is the director of 1Up, while Julia Yorks is the screenwriter, whereas producers are Jason Moring, Michael Philip and Richard Alan Reid. The film has been distributed by Amazon Studios. It was released on 15th July this year.

Along with talented actors like Paris Berelac, Hari Nef, Taylor Zakhar Perez and Ruby Rose, the film stars several other skilled actors including Aviva Mongillo, Lolita Milena, Stephen Joffe, Daniel Williston, Nicholas Coombe and D.J. Mausner, who have made this film interesting and captivating.

Thus, if you’re looking for a film based on video gaming, don’t miss 1Up. You’re going to enjoy it!