Mar 6, 2014

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Let’s Fly – Know Everything about Your Dream Career

MM_leaves_HQ__2We are soon going to enjoy a lot of information and a superb display of aviation. Matthew C. Martino, the talented UK-based Zimbabwean film-producer-director, actor and writer, is planning to bring back his informative documentary Let’s Fly, the first episode of which has gained much appreciation when it was first screened on TV Peru.

Let’s Fly

As you might guess from its name, Let’s Fly, the documentary by Matthew based on his book of the same name has loads of information on aviation. The information includes how to fly an aircraft and what makes it fly. Cockpit is the main spot where one flies the biggest breakthrough of “Flying” technology. This spot is full of a lot of mechanical details that help the pilot in flying the aircraft.

Let’s Fly will definitely give you a high on aviation and its benefits when you take it up as a career. This documentary is an excellent opportunity for all those who have a dream to become a pilot. It is once in a lifetime chance to learn everything about your dream career in such a detail.

Matthew says that Let’s Fly is one of the things that he put his whole heart into. He had an interest in aviation since he was back in the streets of Africa. He was inspired to write the book as he wanted to provide resources for aspiring pilots to be able to know more about the field. He realized that most of the pilot books on the market were too complicated, so he simplified his as much as he could.

Matthew feels that ideal reader and audience of “Let’s Fly” could be anyone in essence; the book comprises of a few facts related to physics and general knowledge.

About Matthew C. Martino

Matthew is an author, a film producer and an actor, which is an impressive resume for anyone, especially in one’s early twenties. He was born on 27th October 1992 in Zimbabwean capital, Harare. He moved to the UK in 2005. At the age of 17, he participated in a drama club at Shenfield High School.

Amongst three of his talent fields, he enjoys writing the most; but his writing is not a novel, but is informative as he likes to research about something and put it on pen and paper. He says that he never had any respect for authors, until he wrote “Let’s Fly” himself and realized how hard it is to write. He is also happy to grow his talent and knowledge in film-making every day.

Matthew’s Role in Let’s Fly

Matthew feels that his role in his own Let’s Fly was the most challenging for him, as he never realized how it could be to get everything together all by himself. Having to produce everything from scratch was a little of a challenge. He feels glad that he learned a lot new from it and he knows in future when he endeavors in his own production he would know what to look for.