Jun 11, 2012

Posted by in Classic Movies

Why I Love Classic Movies?

When I want to relax on Sunday afternoon I watch a classic movie. Outrageous explosions, extreme violence, pornographic sex – there is none and therefore I can unwind my mind and enjoy some wonderful story of smoldering sensuality. Do you also like noir classics or they bore you? Let me try to convince you that there are some benefits of watching these classic masterpieces!

Classic movies are the best way to learn and feel some recent history. When the creators made them, they were not even aware that their movies will eventually become time capsules on celluloid helpful in giving us a three-dimensional insight into the world history. We watch the fight for the civil rights, the changes in female issues, wars and crises. We observe changes and therefore we are more able to understand and accept them. Fashion trends, architecture, technological approaches and lifestyle – we can feel and experience everything without going to museums and reading books. Not that I do not enjoy books and museums, but classic movies show everything more precisely and more spontaneous.

When you watch the classic movie trailers, instead of showing steamy sex scenes and violence, they are more peaceful and they undoubtedly remind you how to be better person, or how to be human. Even though classic movies can be quite complicated and deep, they do now show everything, but imply it. There is more privacy and pride in them and they are not so “in your face” like some contemporary movies. Even though they make you wonder about your lifestyle, habits, dreams and goals, classic movies do not air all the dirty laundry.

Of course, I do not want to say that classic movies are perfect. Sometimes everybody needs something more gritty and exciting. But, for the times and situations when you need to relax, those movies are perfect, stress-relieving and optimistic.