Aug 8, 2012

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Tips on How to Enjoy Classic Movies

Great movies are liked by every generation, but with the time taste, technology and techniques change. Some of the tips to help you in getting the best out of classic movies are as follows:

1. Give time: Audience of today look forward for quick edits, fast pace and rapid-fire action. In the past, pace of movies and pace of life both were much slower compared to today. If you think that classic movies drag and just hang in there, try to see it is a charm of that movie and try to enjoy it away from your busy life.

2. Forget about Paint job: Some studios have old films that are colorized while trying to bring modern audiences who won’t like to watch black and white movies. You should try to watch these movies the way they have been made and don’t compare them with movies of today.

3. Understand the framework: Most of the classic movies were made before the era of civil rights, and even before the days of women’s liberation. Some moments are not correct politically they can make you restless, and some are so bad that they ruin the entire movie. Try to see such scenes as snapshots of history.

4. Find a good director: If you happen to like a classic movie, try to find for more movies made by the same director. Filmmakers leave their own impression on their movies, and it is interesting to watch such movies. Billy Wilder, Frank Capra, Howard Hawks, Ernst Lubitsch and Alfred Hitchcock are some of the best classic filmmakers.

5. Follow the actors: Find your favorite actress or actor in classic movies. Katharine Hepburn is one of the classic actresses of that time, you can watch her movies if you are trying to follow the actors.