May 11, 2012

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The Best Sci-Fi Movies on DVD for 2011

Everyone loves to have their shelf filled with collection of classic Sci-Fi movies, some may not be classic but fun to watch. Since last few months, some good Sci-fi movies have been released to DVD. You may identify some of them, but other may not have done very well in theaters or were simply released to DVD directly.

“Dinocroc vs Supergator” came on DVD on 12th July and though we will not fake that viewers are going to rush to the stores in an effort to catch this movie, but it is fun to watch. David Carradine is the great ticket star in this war of two inherently engineered creatures. Typical weapons will not do the technique to free the earth of these ghosts, so Cajun is called to handle the business.

Integrating Sci-Fi with other genres is always not safe, but it can also lead in some very amusing movies. “High Plains Invaders” is one movie which is science fiction as well as action western. Along with this movie, the forthcoming DVD release of “Cowboys and Aliens” is the two of the more amusing sci-fi movies coming to DVD in 2011. Sebastian Knapp and James Marsters are in lead role.

“Tremors” is another release to DVD, but it has already been released to Blu-ray. This classic integrates comedy, horror and sci-fi into one huge fun ball. The real movie came in 1990, so this is a wonderful opportunity to see stars like Reba McEntire, Kevin Bacon and John Goodwin in their early stages of career. Newcomers will get an inspiration from this movie and sci-fi fans will love it on Blu-ray.

“Death Race” and “Death Race 2” have been released on Blu-ray as a combination. Jason Statham is the main attraction in this movie, which became a classic quickly. The set also includes “Death Race” that is unrated version and has some amazing special features that provide meaningful viewing pleasure even after the movie is over.