May 23, 2017

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Top 7 Tips to Enjoy Film Watching in a True Sense

rainierlandWatching the moving images in a film, apart from just for the sake of entertainment, can be enhanced by viewing it with a deliberate awareness of how a film is made, how it works and some knowledge, skill and background training in the components of the craft of filmmaking. Each film viewer should aim at being a ‘critic’ and be open to the full experience. Here are some tips.

1. Select an Appropriate Film to Watch

Select a movie that is worth your while. Make sure to select a movie from any of the wide range of genre movies like that available on rainierland so that you can get the entire spectrum of various types of movies.


2. Understand the Basics


Understand some basic facts about the film, like:

  • Title of the movie (and production titles or alternate title if any)
  • Director
  • Year of release
  • Studio
  • Main stars
  • Running time
  • Rating
  • Tagline(s)
  • Genre
  • Brief summary
  • Awards


3.  Consider a Second Viewing


Here you should remember that not all movies deserve a second viewing. If the movie is that deserving, watch it more than once, preferably in the company of others so that all can discuss the experience.


First Viewing:


  • Get acquainted with the basic plot, important scenes, main characters, etc.
  • In other words, get a brief outline of the story including place and time, characters and their relations, and the main theme of the movie, without taking notes.


Second Viewing


  • Pay keen attention to what is projected
  • Make observations and take notes
  • Start thinking in a more focused way about the movie’s structure, camera shots and angles, direction etc.


4. Analyze Title and Credits


Pay attention to movie’s main title and opening credits:

  • Why was that title chosen (Were other options considered?) How do the credits set a mood or tone?
  • What are the first images and sounds of the movie?
  • Are there any motifs in the credits?
  • Do the end credits have any extraordinary features (e.g. additional footage, out-takes, gags etc)


5. Classify Genre


Classify the movie’s genre and sub-genre, such as musical, adventure, comedy, action etc. It may be a hybrid too (a blend of 2 or more genres); in that case, what are they?


6. Listen to the Soundtrack


Listen to the soundtrack of the movie carefully and think on how the songs, music and score improve the actions of characters and the mood of the movie.


7. Write a One-line Summary


If you are told to describe the movie in one line, what would it be?

These steps will help you watch movies more mindfully and that will enhance your experience. Follow them and enjoy film watching in a true sense.