Jan 17, 2017

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Peter Spann – Passion for Work Resulting in Excellent Creations

Peter SpannFilms have mesmerised us since their advent. Right from the earliest silent movies to the latest high-tech cinematographic films, they have kept us wowing, our jaws dropping and our eyes popping. Films take us into their world, a different world that a story writer creates and the director enlivens; we forget our own life and get lost into the joys and sorrows of the characters in the film! The better the film, the more does it engage us with our butts stuck to the seats, eyes clung to the screen and our entire soul accumulated in our ears to hear every sound in the film. No other medium is as captivating and effective as films.

However, rarely do we think of the person behind this whole magical affair, the director! It’s therefore quite sensible to know about directors and filmmakers as passionately as we watch films, and when we do that, we encounter a fact that the story of a director is not less interesting than the films s/he creates! One of the best examples of this is filmmaker Peter Spann!

Born to Create Films

Peter Spann was born to make films! People are usually unsure about what they would do in their lives, at least in their childhood. Peter was sure that he would make films since his young age. He has enjoyed every single moment of his work. He becomes sentimental about the first click of the camera when he made his first film; he thoroughly enjoyed it, he waited for a while to get it into his soul and life as he was never going to hear the ‘first’ click of camera again! Someone who is so passionate about her/his work can do the work to the optimum level of excellence. Peter Spann has proven this.

Since that ‘first’ click, Peter was filled with energy which has never left him till date and he has made films that are more and more fabulous.

Peter Spann

Totally Immersed

Peter is a fan of the actors with whom he works and is stunned when they make words of the writer alive with their action in front of the camera, and of the crew of the film who enhance the actors’ action with their outstanding skill and talent. The chances of meeting such a professional immersed so much in her/his work are indeed rare. Peter is truly dedicated to his profession and wants that every second of his life is spent in filmmaking, watching actors acting and other people working for the film.

Peter Spann - fan of actors and film crew

Notable Films

The Upgrade: This is an action thriller suspense story of a simple man and a con girl, which keeps viewers’ interest high from start to finish.

No Shortcuts: Based on real life stories, No Shortcuts is a film that touches a big issue of indigenous youth population in the Australian society.

Open Hearts: A unique love story, Open Hearts portrays complexities of human relations and love affairs that are much different in reality than we imagine.

Upcoming Project

Surfer Girl: Having a backdrop of surfing, this is an amazing story of the mental ups and downs of a girl who is just out of rehab.

Surfer Girl by Peter Spann

And there are many more in Peter’s account! They prove that Peter is versatile and can handle any topic with equal competence and talent, and can give us excellent creations that are praiseworthy. You can join the wonderful mission of Peter Spann by donating for Surfer Girl which is being developed as a proof of a TV series concept. Visit his site to get more exciting information.