Sep 28, 2016

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Is That A Gun In Your Pocket – A Full Package of Entertainment

is that a gun in your pocket“Is That A Gun In Your Pocket?” is a hilarious film written and directed by Matt Cooper, produced jointly by Matt Cooper himself with Lori Miller, and starring Andrea Anders, Matt Passmore, Lauren Bowles, Cloris Leachman, Horatio Sanz, John Heard, David Denman and John Michael Higgins.


The story takes place in a small, peaceful and adorable town of Rockford, Texas. The men here are obsessed with guns so much that even their wives are unimportant for them against guns. However, a lady in the town whose son is involved in a gun incident determines to withdraw this obsession by teaching the men a lesson. This lady is Jenna Keely, a stay-at-home mom, played by Andrea Anders. She brings all the ladies in the town together and starts a movement which is based on withholding sex with the husbands and boyfriends until they give up all the guns. And from this point, a series of episodes starts which creates great humor and laughter that engages the audience throughout the movie. Visit the official website of the film to enjoy a bigger slice of the amusing story.

The entertainment quotient of the film goes on increasing with every coming moment as the episodes like Jenna’s son promising to stay away from guns, Jenna’s daughter’s initial disregard towards her mother’s movement and the latter interest, Jenna’s husband’s annoyance, Jenna’s failure to convince her husband, the failure giving rise to new plans in her mind and the hilarious effect of the movement on other families and overall social life in the town. On top of all is a violent fight between women and men in town over the issue of guns and sex.

Other major roles are Jenna’s husband, Glenn Keely, by Matt Passmore, Jenna’s daughter, Sandy Keely by Katherine McNamara, Sherriff Parsons by John Heard, Maxine by Cloris Leachman and Barb Archer by Lauren Bowles.

Watch the movie if you want to spend an hour and a half free from your stress and worries. Read more on IMDb.