Mar 29, 2017

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Devil’s Domain – A Great Combination of Horror and Revenge

Devil's DomainIf you love horror movies and also revenge films, you can get both your passions combined in the 2016 Faustian horror comedy movie, Devil’s Domain, written and directed by Jared Cohn (director of Death Pool, Little Dead Rotting Hood and The Horde). The producer of the film is David S. Sterling, the producer of Witchcraft 16, 15 and 14, The Domicile, Death Pool and many others that start with ‘Things’. Devil’s Domain will be released in the US on 11th July 2017 by Cleopatra Entertainment.


  • Michael Madsen (The Hateful Eight, Reservoir Dogs, Lumberjack Man, CobraGator, Magi)
  • Madi Vodane
  • Linda Bella (Monsters in the Woods, Dracula: Reborn, Flesh to Dust, Filth to Ashes)
  • Shawn C. Phillips (Girls Gone Dead, Haunted High, Ghost Shark)

Devil's Domain 2




Devil’s Domain is a story of Lisa Pomson who is a teenager and is a social media-addict. She is conflicted about her sexuality and even her parents are misunderstanding her, because of which she is very perturbed. Lisa is secretly shot while purging, binging and masturbating, and the video is made viral. Lisa has to go through extreme cyber-bullying.

While Lisa is almost to become insane and commit suicide, a lovely mysterious stranger, the Devil, comes in her life through the internet and sets up an online relationship with her. They get close and also meet in person. The Devil extends a helping hand towards her in exchange of a favor. The Devil will give Lisa an escape from the bullies and also fame and fortune, and in exchange Lisa has to give her a baby. Lisa first agrees to this happily; however, as the bullies start dying one after the other, her conscience strikes her and she repents for making the deal.

Madi Vodane is a newcomer and has played the bullied teen Lisa, while Linda Bella has played the role of the sexy blonde Devil. The versatile celebrity actor Michael Madsen plays Lisa’s dad, a man confused about all the newfangled technology used by kids these days.

Cyberbullying is quite a serious issue; however Jared Cohn has presented it in a lighthearted manner in his horror comedy Devil’s Domain, by taking a unique approach towards teenage cruelty. The film has been made in the best way to touch a serious issue in a time when the internet is the best friend as well as worst enemy of teenagers. It has been effectively shown how when they get disappointed by parents, they turn towards online strangers for the emotional support they need so desperately, no matter if the support comes from the Satan herself.


Remarkable Presence of Luna 13 in Devil’s Domain


Devil’s Domain features delightful songs by Luna 13, lggy Pop, DMX, Onyx, 3Teeth, Missing Persons and Steve Severin. Luna 13 is the famous Electronica project by Dr. Luna, featuring the frontwoman Lilith Bathory. Already a mainstay on the vibrant club scene of L.A. Luna 13 will perform in a live stage show in Devil’s Domain. They will perform in a party in the film while a person is being killed with a machete, increasing the sensation of horror with their mesmerizing music. Dr. Luna was born in White Sands, New Mexico and grew up in Lake Havasu, Arizona and also lived in Maharashtra, India, and Los Angeles, CA. He is a devout worshipper of Goddess Kali, the dark side of Mother Goddess and produces music and songs connected to the dark side. This is the debut of Dr. Luna band on the big screen.

The World Premiere of Devil’s Domain will be on Friday, 19th May 2017, at the Arena Cinelounge, The Montalban. Don’t miss the great event and enjoy the upcoming horror!

Devil's Domain