Apr 1, 2012

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Top Documentaries

Documentary movies are the broad genre of non-fictional motion pictures with the intention to document certain aspect of reality. Based on the real and verifiable facts, they serve as the historical records. The best documentaries are very well accepted by the audience and they are very popular. Usually, documentaries are socially engaged and their purpose is to raise awareness of the citizens in order to make this world more beautiful and better place to live.

“Planet Earth” (2006) TV series documentary is an amazing display of our planet’s natural resources in high definition. Breathtaking, informative and tranquil documentary starring David Attenborough, Sigourney Weaver and Huw Cordey. In addition to the astonishing landscapes, species and scenes, there are slow motion scenes feeding the viewer with juicy bits. It is spectacular and worth-watching TV series documentary.

“Bully” (2011) is a socially engaged documentary about more than the 13 million kids in the United States being bullied every year. It is something the states, educational system and parents should stand up and fight against. So, the point of this documentary project is to raise awareness and fight against bullies in American schools, but also everywhere else around the globe.

There are also different documentaries, like biographies and auto-biographies made to be used as historic documents about someone’s life, achievements, successes and failures. Very well directed by Wim Wenders and aesthetically magnificent documentary “Pina” (2011) is a tribute to the choreographer Pina Baush. This documentary is made to get the audience closer to an amazing world of dance. What the most of the people feel after watching “Pina”? They feel like dancing!

So, not all the documentaries show problems and bad sides of our civilization and environment. Some documentaries show us how to enjoy this life and our planet more and to be thankful for what we got.