Aug 3, 2012

Posted by in Documentary – Something Very Noble!

To leave a comfortable life and try to enter the world of miseries to help others is indeed great! And this is what our friend Aaron Seaman is doing. Aaron is influenced by a thought of living life for others and not for himself. He and his wife Carissa have decided to settle in India and work for others. Aaron appeals to all the people on internet who too think like him and want to help others, at the cost of just a McDonald meal or some such comfort, i.e. just $25 to $50. His intention is to raise funds for his venture with all in India, for which he appeals to go all in together!

Aaron’s story is interesting which he has narrated on his website which will make you know about his selfless purposes, humbleness and a passion to live life doing something noble. What is good about his project is you can help in any way, like giving links to his blog and YouTube channel, like or +1 his blogposts, in short, create  pre-show buzz on the web. You can also print stickers, flyers, shirts, or talk about his mission to your local business organizations to invite him to talk. Thus you don’t have to just raise funds; there are many ways to help Aaron to help him in his venture.

On you get all the information about the progress of Aaron’s Kickstart Campaign, through interesting videos. You also get information about his personal life, which he admits without any hesitation and you will be definitely touched by his transparency. The journey of his contemplation and the intense development his soul made is inspirational. We really feel that, what he says is nothing but truth. We feel that mere living a happy and comfortable life, earning money and finding ourselves in a cozy home, amongst all luxuries of life is not everything. To give just a small fraction of all this to the needy is great, while not disturbing our regular life.

Visit and answer positively to Aaron’s appeal. You won’t lose much, but a lot of lives my gain a lot!