Oct 25, 2011

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The Flood

The Flood by Nancy Garcia

The Flood by Nancy Garcia

I don’t think there are any classic Italian movies made these days, there was a time when we saw an array of such movies like Death in Venice and that was the best time of Italy. Advanced technology of today has definitely made movies that are very appealing to eyes, but there is nothing new in story lines, they are just the duplicates of original movies. There are some Italian classics that should be watched once in a lifetime if you are a real movie fan.

The Flood is one of Italy’s classics and it was released in the year 2008. The movie was directed by Nancy Garcia, it is based on a poor family in Florence who were deeply affected by the 1966 floods. It focuses on Rosa played exquisitely by Shari O Donnell which seems like an odd choice for this role considering she is Irish but she brilliantly portrays a young Italian woman. The movie bagged numerous awards internationally and overseas throughout various festivals and academies.

It’s a remarkable story which captures the life of a young Florentine family who are struggling with not having very much money in 1966 Florence, only to be struck by the devastating flood which destroys everything they have as well as taking the life of their youngest girl who was already ill.

We are brought on a moving journey of a young Florentine artist coping with having no money and having to support her family while she longs to be out enjoying herself with a handsome rich man from Florence – Gueedo, played devilishly by Gennaro Aragione whom she sadly learns is already engaged to an equally rich and attractive socialite.

The cinematography in this film is charming and directed absorbingly by Nancy Garcia. Garcia brings us on a journey of family, struggle, survival and love capturing the world of a courageous female artist in Florence in 1966 with a broken heart and empty pocket.

We observe first-hand the devastating effects and impact the flood had on Florence, its people and Art itself. Garcia inevitably reminds us that we all want the same things in life. Will Florence ride off on a gondola with Gueedo and become a successful artist? Or will she stay struggling and grieving in Florence having to support her family through a life of misery and poverty?