Dec 5, 2011

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The Best Classic Horror Movies

Watching a classic horror movie is really is something that you can enjoy a lot. Horror movies have always been very interesting and appealing to majority of people. The horror movies from 1920s, 30s, 40s, and 50s are very different from horror touch’s of today. The movies in the past were mostly dependent on story, characters and casting to make horrific and exciting movies, after a while movies were mainly made to entertain people and show as much blood as possible with the help of special effects. Only some horror movies of today take time to establish and make a valuable plot and storyline.

“Dracula” of 1920s

Vampires were very scary before they sparkled. Dracula is the best real vampire film of all time, which tells the story of Count Dracula as he rebuilds with his soul mate Mina who is long lost. Fiancé of Mina and professor try to protect Mina from the hold of evil Count Dracula who is attempting to make her his heavenly soul mate by stealing whatever is left in her soul and life.

“The Wolfman” of 1940s

Wolves always appear cuddly and cute but they are very different from nature. The Wolfman is a story of Larry Talbot who overthrows beast but the beast bites him before he could defeat it. The mother of Wolf comes to Larry to make him ready for the fact that he will also turn into a wild beast when there is a full moon.

“Vertigo” of 1950s

This interesting criminal horror movie surround around an agony that a detective has gone through. Because of which he has to retire and he discovers that he is falling for a secret woman. This detective gets hired by an old friend for some private watch work, but finds that the wife he is enquiring to be more mysterious than he could have ever found out. Vertigo features a traditional story but the way the movie is presented with promising acting, no special effects are required to prove the wife’s acts of horrifying nature. Every detail and cinematographic tricks are used intelligently to make this exciting horror movie.