Jan 27, 2012

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Roman Holiday – Immortal Romantic Comedy

Love, romance and fun gathered in a movie is what we prefer to watch when we need to relax and just enjoy all the beauty this world can offer. Amongst many really great romantic comedies and perhaps one of the top movies of all time is Roman Holiday, directed and produced by William Wyler. Starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, this 1953 movie won Acadamy Awards for Best Actress, screenplay and costume design. Filmed entirely in romantic Rome, this is one of those movies you could enjoy watching more than just once. American Film Institute listed Roman Holiday as #4 romantic comedy in AFI’s 10 Top 10.

The plot summary:  While on her highly publicized tour of European capitals, Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) and her royal entourage arrive in Rome. Feeling indisposed, nervous and bored about her life, obligations and busy schedules, she acts rebellious and the doctor forces her to take a sedative. After this she sneaks out of her residence and escapes from her luxurious constipation. All alone in the streets of Rome, she falls asleep when sedative started to take effect. An American newsman stationed in Rome, Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck), happens to find a well dressed and pretty young girl asleep on a public bench. After his unsuccessful attempts to wake her up, she takes princess Anne back to his apartment. Next morning, Joe Bradley rushes off to cover the press conference of the Princess Anne, totally not knowing that she is the girl sleeping on his couch. Realizing that he can use his good fortune, Joe Bradley suggests to his editor an up close and personal, exclusive interview with the young princess.

Even though the holiday and freedom the princess Anne experiences last too short by most standards, Roman Holiday is an astonishing, delightful and charming 118 minutes break for romantic comedy lovers.